Apologies and a New Start

Arghhhh long time no see! I am so so sorry. Just thought I’d write quick temporary post to explain….

The last time I blogged was all the way back in summer 2016, and I feel extremely guilty that I have abandoned my blog for such as long time. Since then, we have gained a few more followings and I have also managed to re-design my website to give a more mature, fresh feel. I hope you like it, and I hope you accept my apology for being such a bad blogger! Oops…

The truth is, I just honestly haven’t had the time I would like to devote to my blog and if I choose to do something, I always want to get it done properly, so I would rather deliver no posts than ones which are uninspiring and rushed. I have exams coming up very soon (arghh… please say someone can relate that they end up staring at the wall only 10 minutes into biology revision. I can feel a rant coming on, so I will stop talking about school tests now before I have an emotional breakdown ha ha) so unfortunately no new content will probably be uploaded till the end of May.

However, in terms of the future, this coming summer, I want to throw all my effort back into the blog. Although my lack of motivation to blog took a dive, my passion for fashion has certainly not! I really want to produce content that is original and interesting, and I feel as if it is easy to copy tags and other blogs. When I started this, I always knew I didn’t want to post the same things as everyone else, and this summer, I really want to push my creativity and this goal and write articles that you will hopefully enjoy!

In addition, I have a new camera so expect much more pictures and an increase in quality. In terms of my Instagram, although it is a platform for me to promote my blog, I feel as if it has lost direction and I am unsure of what I would like to post there, and therefore I am considering whether it would be worth keeping it or not.

Finally, a few of my old posts may be deleted as soon as I really only want to keep and upload my best content. I would really appreciate it if you let me know in the comments any posts ideas or improvements/suggestions, and I hope to talk to you all soon in June!

Once again, I am very sorry!

Style It Out xx


Morning Routine: School Edition

FotoJet Design
Today I will be doing a rather chatty, relaxed “morning routine”. However, as the new school year is approaching (arghh digging my grave as we speak), I decided to make it a school edition to coincide with all the back to school content that is being uploaded. This post is also one of my first collaborations with girlyblogger – she is also relatively new to blogging and therefore I encourage you to read her blog, which I think many of you would enjoy. She is also putting up the same post today so if you like this one be sure to check her out! LETS GOOOO!

The school day starts when at an unearthly hour in the morning, my Mum bursts into my room and flicks the lights on full blast, nearly blinding me as I am woken from hibernation. I make the sound of a women giving birth and heave myself out of bed, contemplating whether I should launch a protest campaigning for 3 day weekends. To gain maximum sleeping time, I give myself just a half an hour gap every morning before I must leave for school. Therefore, unlike those who have the luxury of debating wheter to stay in bed for another 10 minutes, when my human alarm clock wakes me up (ta mum!) I have no choice but to start getting ready, otherwise I’ll be walking to school in my dressing gown.

After failing to convince myself that the bags under my eyes don’t look like someone has given me a black eye, I go to the kitchen and get meself a good ol’ bowl of cereal. I usually eat corn flakes or bran flakes with raisins scattered on top (please tell me other people do this) but if I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’ll put some porridge in the microwave and flavour with honey if theirs some in the cupboards that wasn’t meant to be used up 6 years ago. I’ll then sit down in the lounge and chomp my way through breakfast whilst watching Good Morning Britain, then make my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I’ll also splash some water in my face to in an attempt to wake myself up, but being as shattered  as I tend to be, usually completely miss, turning the bathroom floor into a small communal swimming pool or if I’m unlucky soaking my dressing gown. Yay! I don’t do a massive skincare routine as my skin is quite sensitive so using loads of products makes it feel irritated, however I will apply some nivea soft moisturiser at this point if my skin needs hydration.

Next, I get dressed in my uniform, brush my hair, and shove it up into a ponytail, adding some batiste dry shampoo if my hair doesn’t feel so fresh. We’re not allowed to wear makeup at school, so I apply a little Vaseline lip balm and a tinted/ sheer lipstick, spritz some perfume, throw on my coat and school bag and I’m ready to go!

As you can see, I tend to do most of my preparation the night before to save time. I’ll have a shower or bath , make my lunch, pack my bag, and set my uniform out before I go to bed ready for the next day. As it’s summer, I’ve also started using the Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion to give me a slight tan- I have quite fair skin so I like to use this for  subtle, healthy looking colour. It develops gradually, so again, I use this before bed so it can “work” while I’m asleep. If you would like a review on this and a couple other tanning products I’m currently trying out, please let me know as I think they are perfect if you are new to self tanning like me and want something natural that is easy to apply!

Anyhoo, that’s all for today, don’t forget to check out girlyblogger’s post, linked at the top. I would love to continue to collaborate with more bloggers in the future, so if you are interested in doing so please contact me via email “styleitoutblog@gmail.com” or instagram “styleitoutblog” x

Till next time,


Style Steal: Tanya Burr #2

FotoJet Collageefe

Welcome back for the 2nd edition of Style Steal! I asked for any celebrities you would like to see featured in this series at the end of my first post, and beautyandpizza suggested Tanya Burr (featured in my Top 20 Favourite Youtubers). I am huge fan of Tanya’s, so had lots of fun recreating one of her outfits- thank you for your suggestion!

A key observation I noticed about Tanya’s style when researching for this post is how well she dresses for her figure- she really knows how to flaunt her figure with the right silhouettes and tailoring. I think this is a really important skill to possess when picking clothes for yourself as you become older that you want to feel confident and happy in, and sometimes it’s easy to be unaware when something doesn’t really suit your personal shape. Everyone is different and everyone will have aspects of their look that they aren’t happy with, and parts that they are so want to show off. Therefore, choosing pieces that really emphasize your best bits and draw attention away from what you aren’t so happy with will make you feel better and look better. Everyone is unique, so keep trying new styles and fits until you work out what is best for you- the process may take a while, but results in invaluable knowledge.

In this Style Steal, I love the vibrant pencil skirt which adds a pop of colour to the look, and if you are considering buying ANY nude shoes, trust me, it will not be an investment wasted. Neutral colours will probably complement a large majority of your existing clothes, and are perfect for layering to achieve a sleek outfit which is warm but not cluttered. In many fashion guides, it is often said a nude pair of heels is needed in every capsule wardrobe, especially a working one, as they can be dressed up or down with trousers or dresses but remain looking smart and polished. In the above design, the peep toe also allows you to showcase some fun nail vanish colours.  I would recommend Rimmel if you are looking for new nail vanishes- very affordable, they come in a huge variety of colours and are super shiny. Not sure about the claimed “60 seconds drying time”, but if its 61, I’m sure the world will keep turning, so don’t sweat it.

Finally, take note: how pretty does Tanya always look?!  Have a go wearing minimal and natural makeup for a change if you normally cake up, especially if you have young skin, as sometimes throwing the whole of Superdrug on your face doesn’t look much better than some tinted moisturiser, sheer glossy lips and a wash of rosy blusher. Try it, and if you don’t like it, at least you won’t be using 50 makeup wipes to take it all off. The environment can thank me later.

Before we finish, I decided to quickly collage some of my other favourite outfits of Tanya’s, as honestly I found it too hard to pick only one of them.  I will admit, she has sometimes made a bad fashion choice, but don’t we all? I can’t really say the wonky fringe my mum cut for me when I was 3 was a good look either….

FotoJet Collagebdf.jpg

Comment down below and tell me which one is your favourite!

Till next time,


Past “Style Steal” Posts


Awards Q&A

Today I bring you a bonus post to recognize the awards and recognition that has been given generously to my blog. I had originally planned to upload tomorrow, but have decided to write this as extra material and hopefully keep the initial plan for Sunday, but this may change now I have less time  to commit. I apologise in advance if the fashion related post won’t go up tomorrow, I hope you don’t mind! In the short time my blog has been around, I have been lucky enough to be nominated for a few awards, and I feel so thankful that people think my blog is worthy of this. Instead of uploading individual posts for each separate award, I have decided to combine all 3 sets of questions into one big Q&A so those of you interested can get to know more about me! I know that some people aren’t to keen on this style of post, but I wish to acknowledge the great girls who have nominated my blog. x  Unfortunately, because there were so many questions, I haven’t been able to answer them all.

What is your favourite movie?

Wow this is a hard one, let me have a wee think… I would have to say “Only the Devil Wears Prada”. If you haven’t seen it and are into fashion , I would highly recommend, but not one I expect the Dad’s or brothers will like! Great actors too, some of the main characters are Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci (Caesar Flickerman in the Hunger Games).

What is your advice to new bloggers?

I know you’ll have heard all the typical ones before, but I would say something that is easy to forget but really key in growing your account (not that I have much experience). Remember to add a follow widget to your sidebar for people that don’t have a blogging account! Otherwise, it will not be accessible and visitors to your site won’t find a place to keep track of your blog, so they may never visit again, which may result in the loss of a potential reader. Secondly, make blogger friends and connections as soon as possible- discovering the community and talking to similar blogs really helps you to get out there and get noticed! Your also guaranteed to meet people who share the same interests as you, and you’ll have great fun wittering on…

How long have you been blogging for?

I can’t really remember the exact date I set up this blog, but I would say about 2 weeks. I’ve been absolutely loving it so far and I’m really glad I made the decision to start!

How many followers do you have?

41! I feel so lucky to have this much, I didn’t think I would make it past 2 ha ha! Thankyou for reading and following my blog, I really appreciate it  and I’m beyond happy with how my blog has grown since it began, and really excited for the future. Sidenote: To any of you reading from my instagram (@styleitoutblog), the same goes to you x

How do you see yourself in the future?

Honestly, I have no idea what I’m wearing tomorrow never mind what I’m doing when I’m older. It scares me how fast time is going, my brain is yet to process the fact that 2012 has ended. I still order a chicken nugget happy meal at Mcdonalds. No, I am not kidding. Yes, I haven’t progressed past that stage yet. Sorry.

What’s your favourite season?

Winter all the wayyy. Solely for Christmas. The atmosphere in December is just amazing, with the Christmas lights sparkling in the window, your breath swirling in the frosty air and snuggling up in a thick jumper near the fire watching the polar express. Arghhh I love it SO MUCH.  The number one Christmas fan is right here ladies and gentlemen. Seriously, when I’m older I’m going to decorate my house for the festive season so visitors will think they’ve walked into Santa’s grotto. Buy your tickets now.

What’s your favourite book?

A new read actually! The 100 is so so good, I’ve just got the last book in the series to read. If you are a fan of the Hunger Games/ Divergent or any other teen dystopia you will LOVE this, I’m really excited to start watching the TV series too, but I’ve got a lot to catch up on! If you have seen/ read the 100, please comment down below who your favourite character is!

Do you play an instrument? If no, what would you like to play?

No, I don’t play an instrument. My family possess absolutely no musical talent whatsoever! Give us a triangle if you must. I’m so jealous of people who can play an instrument really well though, I think it’s such a great talent to have. I think it would be amazing to be able to play the piano really well.

Now I have finished the questions, I would like to mention the individuals who have been kind enough to nominate me. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, I love all your blogs so much and I would really recommend you checking them out. I’m very chuffed that you like my blog!

girlybloggerweb nominated me for the Liebster Award.

cahlmingsoul nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and the Blogger Story Award.

Lui Maria nominated me for the Blog- Friend Award.

abbie.johnstonee on Instagram nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.

IntellectualWiseGirl nominated me for the Liebster Award.

Blogginglittlebeautythings nominated me for the Liebster Award.

dreamcatcher nominated me for the Liebster Award.

x_planetbeauty_x nominated me for the Liebster Award.

Styled by McKenz nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I really enjoyed writing this Q&A, so if you would like me to do more in the future please comment some questions and I would love to answer them! I would also love to hear more about you, so if you would like to post a Q&A on your blog, I nominate YOU reading this to answer all of the questions above! Thanks for sticking through if you made it this far! x

Till next time,


Soap & Glory Heel Genius and The Righteous Butter Review

FotoJet Collagefe

Woah, that title was a big’un! Sorry if you needed energy bars to power through that! Today I will be reviewing Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius foot cream and their ‘iconic’ body moisturizer, The Righteous Butter.

Heel Genius

When my feet were feeling dry last winter, I went on a search for a good foot cream to bring my tootsies back up to tip top condition! When I was reading the reviews about heel genius before I bought the product, their were mixed opinions, and I now understand why. I have to agree that this cream deserves full marks for its moisturising qualities- the advice is to  generously apply a layer every night and then pop on some cotton socks over the top, and I think if you follow these recommendations it definitely works to greater effect. It will solve minor dry patches after one night, but if you have more cracked, damaged heels it may take slightly more patience, and abiding by these instructions makes such a difference. However, I definitely wouldn’t use this cream in summer as  personally, I find it quite clammy and uncomfortable applying this and then wearing thick socks to bed – even after massaging it in well I can still feel it on my feet. A little goes a long way, so be careful! In winter I don’t have such an issue, but in the warmer months I prefer not to use this. Secondly, the scent of the cream (mint green in colour, I may add) is an unusual one that you will either love or will be a massive turnoff. Some think it smells of cucumber, some of antiseptic. I’m not a fan, but I deal with it because the results of using the cream compensate- I was quite disappointed that it wasn’t in the original pink fragrance which I LOVE, but ah well, you can’t have it all, ey? Will I be repurchasing this? No, but I would recommend buying a travel size version first if you are interested, as I think some of you may really like this product, it all depends on personal preferences. What I will be doing however is purchasing another foot cream when this runs out- if you have been using an all- over body moisturiser on your feet, try using a foot cream for a change- as they are specifically targeted for use in that area you can normally see a huge difference in how much better they are!

Rating: 7/10

Price: £4.40 for 125ml (currently their is 20% on selected Soap and Glory at Boots so buy now and save!)

The Righteous Butter

This is one of my favourite body moisturisers EVER! It smells divine in the original pink fragrance (a lovely girly floral scent) and with a “very dry skin formula” is super moisturising- a great treat for when your skin is feeling parched! It is of a quite thick consistency but sinks into the skin beautifully and isn’t at all sticky. The fragrance really lingers too, which I think is something that is really impressive for a cheaper cream. However, this does mean that if you find the smell unpleasant, I’m afraid you really won’t like this, as it is quite strongly perfumed, so can’t really be layered under others scents and mists. For me, this is totally worth the money. After wittering on about the foot cream for so long, I don’t want to make this section too long- all I can say is that I would 100% recommend. BUY. NOW!

Rating: 10/10

Price: £8.00 for 300ml

Till next time,


P.S: If you enjoyed this review, please let me know by liking this post- I would love to do some more product reviews from Soap & Glory, especially from their makeup and face skincare range- I really want to try out the peaches and clean cleansing milk and some products from their makeup range! I fancied doing quite an in depth review which I thought you may find more helpful than quicker ones, especially  if you are considering buying one of the products. Hope you enjoyed! x

Trend: Bomber Jackets

FotoJet CollageoThe bomber has recently taken over the fashion world, but this season it takes on a new twist in unusual colours and fresh silhouettes. Whether oversized or embroidered, it’s all about the details this autumn- go bold or go home.

Like myself, you may have noticed that the iconic bomber jacket is now springing up in pretty much every high street and designer shop. This perfect transitional item can take you from breezy summer nights to the crisper air of autumn, can be thrown over a sparkly LBD or the simpler jeans and tee. Dress up, down, for cold, for warmth, it can do it all. But now the bomber has been updated to the next level. No longer sitting in the background, the style staple has been reinvented with a wealth of new details- embellishment, embroidery, zingy prints and opulent fabrics make it the new most stylish buy to add to your wardrobe.

This month, being particular and thoughtful when picking your bomber really pays off. Buy a sharply tailored, slim fitting design with luxe silver hardware for smart work wear, or go more relaxed and casual with a slouchy oversized shape. Pick a bright colour for a refreshing statement (extra marks for a bold lipstick too), or choose pastel hues of soft lilac and powder blue for a girly, elegant take on the look. The most popular variety of all however, has to be embroidery- it adds such an interesting element to any piece, and the intricacy and detail to some of the oriental designs is simply gorgeous. Those of you who like graphic shirts will fall in LOVE, I tell ya.

Finally, why not be clever and dip your toes into more than one trend? Tick 3 boxes in one with scarlet coloured velvet number, just remember to keep the rest of the outfit clean and form fitting- no flares or tiered skirts- add body back through fringed bags if desired.

Take a look at my first post, the Kylie Jenner Style Steal , for inspiration of how to wear statement jackets or coats if you are still struggling. For places to purchase this revived essential, look no further than Pretty Little Thing or Missguided – with tons of different styles, you’ll be sure to find one you love.

However you wear it, don’t forget a bucket load of confidence- a loud and confident jacket needs a loud and confident wearer!

Till next time,


Top 20 Favourite Youtubers

FotoJet Collage

I absolutely love watching Youtube in my spare time, but since starting my blog, all my time online has been spent reading, commenting, and following other blogs and trying to make some new blogger connections. If you enjoy watching Youtube like me, you’ll know that coming back to a full subscription box is like Christmas come early… (what a little saddo, I know.)  Consequently, for a quick little mid- week post, I thought I’d share with you my top 20 favourite Youtube channels, I hope you enjoy!

Even though I have a fairly average number of subscriptions, I found it really hard narrowing it down to my top 20 channels. Therefore, I’ve arranged my favourites into a pyramid style formation- those higher up I like more, and those on the same row I like equally (complicated stuff!). However, I would really recommend you checking out any of these channels as they are all so brilliant, and if you watch any of them already, I’d love to know! Overall, Claudia Sulewski has to be my number one favourite- an AMAZING youtuber with such creative and interesting content and a great personality, definitely one to check out!

As you can see,  the typical names are up there- such as Zoella (shocker), Tanya Burr, and Gabriella, but I also have a few younger teenage channels that I think many of you would enjoy that are also based around fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Comment some youtubers you would have included in your top 20, or any you think are missing out of mine, and we can all share and discuss our fav channels- I really want to  discover some great ones to take me through summer!

Till next time,


Express your Individuality


A few days ago, one of my best friends came round and was rifling through my wardrobe. “This is cute. Why have I never seen you wear it before?” It was this remark that inspired me to create this post today.This post is going to be really cheesy and cringy so be prepared!

Especially as a teenager, we are often made to think that we need to dress in certain brands, have a particular style, or follow trends to fit in, and appear “cool” at school. However, whatever you choose to wear, at least a few people will probably, and may I add, naturally, not like your choice, and being aware of this can knock confidence and often persuade us to not wear or buy pieces that we really love, because we feel apprehensive and afraid that we will “stand out” for having a different style to others. The message I want to give to you today is to accept that some people won’t like what your wearing, and not to forget that others will. It’s natural that not everyone has the same taste, and if everyone did, it would be a pretty boring world!

Fashion is all about expressing our individuality, and we should all embrace this and not be afraid to do so.  As long as you like what your wearing and its appropriate (you may love your bleached booty shorts, but save them for the beach instead of your sixth form interview- they want to see potential, not your bum hanging out of a bit of titchy denim ha ha) it shouldn’t really matter what other people’s opinions may be. The people who don’t follow the typical crowd are the ones who stand out of it for the right reasons- and I admire them because of this.

Tomorrow, I encourage you to root out the bunny jumper your grandma knitted for you last Christmas that you have pretended to hate but secretly love. Wear it, style it, embrace it, and let the compliments come flooding in…..

(even if they’re only from grandma)

Till next time,


PS: I’m planning on doing a product review soon, so if their is any drugstore makeup you would like an in depth review for before you buy, please comment them down below. Thirdly and finally, thankyou to all those who followed me on here, my instagram (@styleitoutblog), or given me lovely feedback on my first post, I really appreciate it and I’m grateful for all your support x

Style Steal: Kylie Jenner #1

Style Steal

Hello! For my first post, I have decided to introduce a series that will be continued regularly throughout my blog. “Style Steal” shows you how to create your favourite celebrity looks through brands more accessible than the original designer labels. Please feel free to comment down below any particular celebrities you would like to see featured in the future, and I will happily oblige to requests!

Today, I have chosen to reinvent Kylie Jenner’s look,  the 18-year-old entrepreneur and reality TV star. She is now even more popular than ever, which is why I have chosen to cover her look today.

I really like the simplicity of this nearly all- black outfit, and how she has chosen to set the look off with the statement fur coat. For those who tend to stick in their comfort zone when its comes to fashion choices, but want to become more adventurous and daring, this is the perfect start. The whole look oozes sophistication and pared back glamour which is both practical and stylish. One main reason why I choose this outfit is for its versatility and how easy it is to incorporate it in your existing wardrobe. The leather- look leggings could be swapped for the regular style to increase comfort, the lace up heeled shoes could be replaced by ankle boots or ballerina flats, and the bag would look great in absolutely any colour- the possibilities are truly endless.

However, I did find it quite difficult to stick within the low price realm when putting together this look for less. Browsing the high street stores online, it is clear to see that fringing is going to be a key summer trend, but finding the perfect bag in grey and not the typical black, tan or taupe was a challenging task. I am not entirely happy with this one from Bonmarche, which is still at a fairly high price point but I do like the snakeskin panelling. If you wanted to splash a bit to create a more expensive look, I would recommend the H&M biker leggings (£24.99), which with added silver details are more refined than the cheaper version above, and New Look’s Black Ribbed Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Top (£17.99).

Finally, I hear you when you say,”that pristine white coat isn’t very practical, if I’m eating chocolate it could easily smudge and ruin it”  Yes, I’m aware sheep smeared in poo isn’t the look your aiming for (ha ha),  but I think the main advice to take from this look is not that you do not need all the above items to replicate Kylie’s style. Work around what you have,  and  use the same technique of wearing simple black garments set off by one statement piece to make a bold and effortlessly chic impact.

Till next time,