Style Steal: Kylie Jenner #1

Style Steal

Hello! For my first post, I have decided to introduce a series that will be continued regularly throughout my blog. “Style Steal” shows you how to create your favourite celebrity looks through brands more accessible than the original designer labels. Please feel free to comment down below any particular celebrities you would like to see featured in the future, and I will happily oblige to requests!

Today, I have chosen to reinvent Kylie Jenner’s look,  the 18-year-old entrepreneur and reality TV star. She is now even more popular than ever, which is why I have chosen to cover her look today.

I really like the simplicity of this nearly all- black outfit, and how she has chosen to set the look off with the statement fur coat. For those who tend to stick in their comfort zone when its comes to fashion choices, but want to become more adventurous and daring, this is the perfect start. The whole look oozes sophistication and pared back glamour which is both practical and stylish. One main reason why I choose this outfit is for its versatility and how easy it is to incorporate it in your existing wardrobe. The leather- look leggings could be swapped for the regular style to increase comfort, the lace up heeled shoes could be replaced by ankle boots or ballerina flats, and the bag would look great in absolutely any colour- the possibilities are truly endless.

However, I did find it quite difficult to stick within the low price realm when putting together this look for less. Browsing the high street stores online, it is clear to see that fringing is going to be a key summer trend, but finding the perfect bag in grey and not the typical black, tan or taupe was a challenging task. I am not entirely happy with this one from Bonmarche, which is still at a fairly high price point but I do like the snakeskin panelling. If you wanted to splash a bit to create a more expensive look, I would recommend the H&M biker leggings (£24.99), which with added silver details are more refined than the cheaper version above, and New Look’s Black Ribbed Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Top (£17.99).

Finally, I hear you when you say,”that pristine white coat isn’t very practical, if I’m eating chocolate it could easily smudge and ruin it”  Yes, I’m aware sheep smeared in poo isn’t the look your aiming for (ha ha),  but I think the main advice to take from this look is not that you do not need all the above items to replicate Kylie’s style. Work around what you have,  and  use the same technique of wearing simple black garments set off by one statement piece to make a bold and effortlessly chic impact.

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39 thoughts on “Style Steal: Kylie Jenner #1

  1. This is amazing!! I love the photo with all the clothing as well as the picture of the celebrity- its also great your doing high street shops as it means we can easily go out and get things similar to fashion icons! I cant wait for more posts like this as its such an amazing idea for blog posts! -Tash xx

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    1. Thankyou for taking the time to read and comment, I really appreciate it! That’s what I’m hoping for, that people who want to recreate their favourite celebrity looks can do so whilst on a budget through high street labels. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the follow! 🙂 x

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  2. Loved reading this post babe! I expecially loved how you’ve written it ☺ Remember if you need anything or want any advice I’m always here x

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