Trend: Bomber Jackets

FotoJet CollageoThe bomber has recently taken over the fashion world, but this season it takes on a new twist in unusual colours and fresh silhouettes. Whether oversized or embroidered, it’s all about the details this autumn- go bold or go home.

Like myself, you may have noticed that the iconic bomber jacket is now springing up in pretty much every high street and designer shop. This perfect transitional item can take you from breezy summer nights to the crisper air of autumn, can be thrown over a sparkly LBD or the simpler jeans and tee. Dress up, down, for cold, for warmth, it can do it all. But now the bomber has been updated to the next level. No longer sitting in the background, the style staple has been reinvented with a wealth of new details- embellishment, embroidery, zingy prints and opulent fabrics make it the new most stylish buy to add to your wardrobe.

This month, being particular and thoughtful when picking your bomber really pays off. Buy a sharply tailored, slim fitting design with luxe silver hardware for smart work wear, or go more relaxed and casual with a slouchy oversized shape. Pick a bright colour for a refreshing statement (extra marks for a bold lipstick too), or choose pastel hues of soft lilac and powder blue for a girly, elegant take on the look. The most popular variety of all however, has to be embroidery- it adds such an interesting element to any piece, and the intricacy and detail to some of the oriental designs is simply gorgeous. Those of you who like graphic shirts will fall in LOVE, I tell ya.

Finally, why not be clever and dip your toes into more than one trend? Tick 3 boxes in one with scarlet coloured velvet number, just remember to keep the rest of the outfit clean and form fitting- no flares or tiered skirts- add body back through fringed bags if desired.

Take a look at my first post, the Kylie Jenner Style Steal , for inspiration of how to wear statement jackets or coats if you are still struggling. For places to purchase this revived essential, look no further than Pretty Little Thing or Missguided – with tons of different styles, you’ll be sure to find one you love.

However you wear it, don’t forget a bucket load of confidence- a loud and confident jacket needs a loud and confident wearer!

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31 thoughts on “Trend: Bomber Jackets

  1. Hi! It’s Abbie from Instagram? I messaged you a couple days ago. I just want to say I love your blog, I’ve nominated you for the blogger recognition award!Xo

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  2. Loved this! Trend reports are always so fun! I had to do these trend reports and hold photoshoots at my school’s magazine and it was always so much fun! It’s very fun to analyze trends.

    We should definitely support each other ❤ Maybe do a collab?

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    1. Aw thankyou! I’m glad you enjoyed, I too am really glad this is such a big trend at the moment- the bomber jacket is an iconic piece already but with the added embroidery they are so gorgeous! Just about to follow your blog now, hopefully talk to you again soon 🙂 ❤

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