Style Steal: Tanya Burr #2

FotoJet Collageefe

Welcome back for the 2nd edition of Style Steal! I asked for any celebrities you would like to see featured in this series at the end of my first post, and beautyandpizza suggested Tanya Burr (featured in my Top 20 Favourite Youtubers). I am huge fan of Tanya’s, so had lots of fun recreating one of her outfits- thank you for your suggestion!

A key observation I noticed about Tanya’s style when researching for this post is how well she dresses for her figure- she really knows how to flaunt her figure with the right silhouettes and tailoring. I think this is a really important skill to possess when picking clothes for yourself as you become older that you want to feel confident and happy in, and sometimes it’s easy to be unaware when something doesn’t really suit your personal shape. Everyone is different and everyone will have aspects of their look that they aren’t happy with, and parts that they are so want to show off. Therefore, choosing pieces that really emphasize your best bits and draw attention away from what you aren’t so happy with will make you feel better and look better. Everyone is unique, so keep trying new styles and fits until you work out what is best for you- the process may take a while, but results in invaluable knowledge.

In this Style Steal, I love the vibrant pencil skirt which adds a pop of colour to the look, and if you are considering buying ANY nude shoes, trust me, it will not be an investment wasted. Neutral colours will probably complement a large majority of your existing clothes, and are perfect for layering to achieve a sleek outfit which is warm but not cluttered. In many fashion guides, it is often said a nude pair of heels is needed in every capsule wardrobe, especially a working one, as they can be dressed up or down with trousers or dresses but remain looking smart and polished. In the above design, the peep toe also allows you to showcase some fun nail vanish colours.  I would recommend Rimmel if you are looking for new nail vanishes- very affordable, they come in a huge variety of colours and are super shiny. Not sure about the claimed “60 seconds drying time”, but if its 61, I’m sure the world will keep turning, so don’t sweat it.

Finally, take note: how pretty does Tanya always look?!  Have a go wearing minimal and natural makeup for a change if you normally cake up, especially if you have young skin, as sometimes throwing the whole of Superdrug on your face doesn’t look much better than some tinted moisturiser, sheer glossy lips and a wash of rosy blusher. Try it, and if you don’t like it, at least you won’t be using 50 makeup wipes to take it all off. The environment can thank me later.

Before we finish, I decided to quickly collage some of my other favourite outfits of Tanya’s, as honestly I found it too hard to pick only one of them.  I will admit, she has sometimes made a bad fashion choice, but don’t we all? I can’t really say the wonky fringe my mum cut for me when I was 3 was a good look either….

FotoJet Collagebdf.jpg

Comment down below and tell me which one is your favourite!

Till next time,


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26 thoughts on “Style Steal: Tanya Burr #2

  1. great post! would love to see a style steal for ella elbells you probably don’t know her as she is not a “celebrity” but she is one of my favourite youtubers! also do you edit your own photos or do you get them online?

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    1. I edit my own photos, I have put together all the Style Steal’s myself so I have to spend quite a while searching shops online to find items which match the celebrities own. I will make sure to do Ella for you in the future, glad you liked x x

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  2. I love your blog! It would mean the world if you checked out my blog and commented at !! THANKYOUUU
    Great post! I love Tanya
    I would be so happy if you commented and followed my blog
    thank yaaaa

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  3. Your blog is fab!!!!!!! Will be following from now on for sure!!! Love the way you have shown were to buy similar items if we want to recreate the look! You have put in lots of effort and it pays off! Also great writing style!! xx

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