Morning Routine: School Edition

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Today I will be doing a rather chatty, relaxed “morning routine”. However, as the new school year is approaching (arghh digging my grave as we speak), I decided to make it a school edition to coincide with all the back to school content that is being uploaded. This post is also one of my first collaborations with girlyblogger – she is also relatively new to blogging and therefore I encourage you to read her blog, which I think many of you would enjoy. She is also putting up the same post today so if you like this one be sure to check her out! LETS GOOOO!

The school day starts when at an unearthly hour in the morning, my Mum bursts into my room and flicks the lights on full blast, nearly blinding me as I am woken from hibernation. I make the sound of a women giving birth and heave myself out of bed, contemplating whether I should launch a protest campaigning for 3 day weekends. To gain maximum sleeping time, I give myself just a half an hour gap every morning before I must leave for school. Therefore, unlike those who have the luxury of debating wheter to stay in bed for another 10 minutes, when my human alarm clock wakes me up (ta mum!) I have no choice but to start getting ready, otherwise I’ll be walking to school in my dressing gown.

After failing to convince myself that the bags under my eyes don’t look like someone has given me a black eye, I go to the kitchen and get meself a good ol’ bowl of cereal. I usually eat corn flakes or bran flakes with raisins scattered on top (please tell me other people do this) but if I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’ll put some porridge in the microwave and flavour with honey if theirs some in the cupboards that wasn’t meant to be used up 6 years ago. I’ll then sit down in the lounge and chomp my way through breakfast whilst watching Good Morning Britain, then make my way to the bathroom and brush my teeth. I’ll also splash some water in my face to in an attempt to wake myself up, but being as shattered  as I tend to be, usually completely miss, turning the bathroom floor into a small communal swimming pool or if I’m unlucky soaking my dressing gown. Yay! I don’t do a massive skincare routine as my skin is quite sensitive so using loads of products makes it feel irritated, however I will apply some nivea soft moisturiser at this point if my skin needs hydration.

Next, I get dressed in my uniform, brush my hair, and shove it up into a ponytail, adding some batiste dry shampoo if my hair doesn’t feel so fresh. We’re not allowed to wear makeup at school, so I apply a little Vaseline lip balm and a tinted/ sheer lipstick, spritz some perfume, throw on my coat and school bag and I’m ready to go!

As you can see, I tend to do most of my preparation the night before to save time. I’ll have a shower or bath , make my lunch, pack my bag, and set my uniform out before I go to bed ready for the next day. As it’s summer, I’ve also started using the Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion to give me a slight tan- I have quite fair skin so I like to use this for  subtle, healthy looking colour. It develops gradually, so again, I use this before bed so it can “work” while I’m asleep. If you would like a review on this and a couple other tanning products I’m currently trying out, please let me know as I think they are perfect if you are new to self tanning like me and want something natural that is easy to apply!

Anyhoo, that’s all for today, don’t forget to check out girlyblogger’s post, linked at the top. I would love to continue to collaborate with more bloggers in the future, so if you are interested in doing so please contact me via email “” or instagram “styleitoutblog” x

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23 thoughts on “Morning Routine: School Edition

      1. definitely would love to collab with you again! i hope you enjoy it i had so much fun planning it with you! xx


  1. another absolutely hilarious post! I swear, when I’m feeling like reading something funny I just stroll on over to ur blog and within seconds I’m laughing… is it just me? 😉 u have such a witty way of writing! I love it 🙂 xx

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    1. Thankyou! Yes, I have little time in the morning so I find it so much better to pack the night before and it also means I feel less stressed and more organized. I would definitely recommend trying it if you don’t already- it means 5 extra minutes in bed and who doesn’t want that ha ha 🙂 Thanks for the comment, sorry for my late reply x


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