Apologies and a New Start

Arghhhh long time no see! I am so so sorry. Just thought I’d write quick temporary post to explain….

The last time I blogged was all the way back in summer 2016, and I feel extremely guilty that I have abandoned my blog for such as long time. Since then, we have gained a few more followings and I have also managed to re-design my website to give a more mature, fresh feel. I hope you like it, and I hope you accept my apology for being such a bad blogger! Oops…

The truth is, I just honestly haven’t had the time I would like to devote to my blog and if I choose to do something, I always want to get it done properly, so I would rather deliver no posts than ones which are uninspiring and rushed. I have exams coming up very soon (arghh… please say someone can relate that they end up staring at the wall only 10 minutes into biology revision. I can feel a rant coming on, so I will stop talking about school tests now before I have an emotional breakdown ha ha) so unfortunately no new content will probably be uploaded till the end of May.

However, in terms of the future, this coming summer, I want to throw all my effort back into the blog. Although my lack of motivation to blog took a dive, my passion for fashion has certainly not! I really want to produce content that is original and interesting, and I feel as if it is easy to copy tags and other blogs. When I started this, I always knew I didn’t want to post the same things as everyone else, and this summer, I really want to push my creativity and this goal and write articles that you will hopefully enjoy!

In addition, I have a new camera so expect much more pictures and an increase in quality. In terms of my Instagram, although it is a platform for me to promote my blog, I feel as if it has lost direction and I am unsure of what I would like to post there, and therefore I am considering whether it would be worth keeping it or not.

Finally, a few of my old posts may be deleted as soon as I really only want to keep and upload my best content. I would really appreciate it if you let me know in the comments any posts ideas or improvements/suggestions, and I hope to talk to you all soon in June!

Once again, I am very sorry!

Style It Out xx


3 thoughts on “Apologies and a New Start

  1. i’m so happy that you’re back! i know school can get in the way and i hope you’ll have time to blog again i really enjoyed reading your posts. i would really like to see a style steal post as these were just amazing! xx

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