Soap & Glory Heel Genius and The Righteous Butter Review

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Woah, that title was a big’un! Sorry if you needed energy bars to power through that! Today I will be reviewing Soap and Glory’s Heel Genius foot cream and their ‘iconic’ body moisturizer, The Righteous Butter.

Heel Genius

When my feet were feeling dry last winter, I went on a search for a good foot cream to bring my tootsies back up to tip top condition! When I was reading the reviews about heel genius before I bought the product, their were mixed opinions, and I now understand why. I have to agree that this cream deserves full marks for its moisturising qualities- the advice is to  generously apply a layer every night and then pop on some cotton socks over the top, and I think if you follow these recommendations it definitely works to greater effect. It will solve minor dry patches after one night, but if you have more cracked, damaged heels it may take slightly more patience, and abiding by these instructions makes such a difference. However, I definitely wouldn’t use this cream in summer as  personally, I find it quite clammy and uncomfortable applying this and then wearing thick socks to bed – even after massaging it in well I can still feel it on my feet. A little goes a long way, so be careful! In winter I don’t have such an issue, but in the warmer months I prefer not to use this. Secondly, the scent of the cream (mint green in colour, I may add) is an unusual one that you will either love or will be a massive turnoff. Some think it smells of cucumber, some of antiseptic. I’m not a fan, but I deal with it because the results of using the cream compensate- I was quite disappointed that it wasn’t in the original pink fragrance which I LOVE, but ah well, you can’t have it all, ey? Will I be repurchasing this? No, but I would recommend buying a travel size version first if you are interested, as I think some of you may really like this product, it all depends on personal preferences. What I will be doing however is purchasing another foot cream when this runs out- if you have been using an all- over body moisturiser on your feet, try using a foot cream for a change- as they are specifically targeted for use in that area you can normally see a huge difference in how much better they are!

Rating: 7/10

Price: £4.40 for 125ml (currently their is 20% on selected Soap and Glory at Boots so buy now and save!)

The Righteous Butter

This is one of my favourite body moisturisers EVER! It smells divine in the original pink fragrance (a lovely girly floral scent) and with a “very dry skin formula” is super moisturising- a great treat for when your skin is feeling parched! It is of a quite thick consistency but sinks into the skin beautifully and isn’t at all sticky. The fragrance really lingers too, which I think is something that is really impressive for a cheaper cream. However, this does mean that if you find the smell unpleasant, I’m afraid you really won’t like this, as it is quite strongly perfumed, so can’t really be layered under others scents and mists. For me, this is totally worth the money. After wittering on about the foot cream for so long, I don’t want to make this section too long- all I can say is that I would 100% recommend. BUY. NOW!

Rating: 10/10

Price: £8.00 for 300ml

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P.S: If you enjoyed this review, please let me know by liking this post- I would love to do some more product reviews from Soap & Glory, especially from their makeup and face skincare range- I really want to try out the peaches and clean cleansing milk and some products from their makeup range! I fancied doing quite an in depth review which I thought you may find more helpful than quicker ones, especially  if you are considering buying one of the products. Hope you enjoyed! x